Street Art

A collection of posts featuring street art and grafitti spotted during our travels

Amy Winehouse Street Art Trail in Camden | London

Catch (what’s left of it) while you can… When it comes to street art, Camden Town is always a good idea. Many streets in this North London borough are packed with colourful murals, many by well-known or upcoming British and international artists. And...

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Street Art in Tangier, Morocco

One thing that made Tangier's medina stand out from all the other labyrinthine old towns in Morocco was its highly colourful street art. Whilst we'd seen a few murals here and there in other towns, nowhere else (with the possible exception of Asilah) did we see such a...

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Electric Utility Box Art | Street Art in Sofia, Bulgaria

Whilst exploring Sofia recently, with our usual eye out for street art, we noticed a couple of those electricity boxes; the kind you don't usually notice. I don’t know what the correct name for them is - Electricity transformer boxes or kiosks? Circuit boxes? Junction...

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Double Take: From Cambodia to Shoreditch, London

They say everybody has a double somewhere out there… I got within a cat’s whisker of creeping up and surprising a guy at Chengdu airport many years ago because I thought he was my father and I actually met my double in Cambodia earlier this year - he even (almost) had...

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Street Art in George Town, Penang

Seeking Out Street Art in Penang: The Street Art Capital of Asia! Unlike some cities, where street art is tucked away in less salubrious parts of town and not easy to find, you don't have to search very hard to find art in public places in Penang. If you're in George...

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Discovering Unusual Street Art in Podgorica, Montenegro

The Transformers of Podgorica When visiting a new city, particularly a capital, I’m always on the lookout for interesting street art be it graffiti or something more sophisticated. But what we found in Podgorica was street art of the less conventional kind. On street...

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A look at the colourful Rickshaw Art in Bangladesh

Exploring the brightly decorated rickshaws in Bangladesh When I reflect on our travels through Bangladesh, there is one image that stands out above all others: the image of a brightly coloured rickshaw, elaborately painted and decorated from top to toe. The cycle...

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Street Art in Zagreb, Croatia

Arriving into Croatia’s capital, Zagreb, by train we hopped on a tram to our hostel. As the tram pulled away from the station it briefly ran parallel to a wall dividing the rail tracks from the main road. Covered with colourful murals, we decided to return for a closer look…

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Street Art in Bratislava, Slovakia

Is Bratislava the most graffitied city in Europe? Probably not given its petite stature but during our recent visit to the city we noticed that there was an extraordinary amount of graffiti. The capital of Slovakia, this small city of just over 400,000 residents...

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Street Art in Finland: Suvilahti Graffiti Wall, Helsinki

During our recent visit to Helsinki, once we had visited the conventional tourist sites, we decided to seek out some of the city's street art. I'd read about a 'graffiti wall' just outside the city centre and walking there also gave us the opportunity to explore the...

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Street Art in Tartu, Estonia

Exploring the Street Art in Estonia's second city: Tartu The current craze for street art is definitely on the rise and many local authorities are celebrating it, rather than removing it as soon as it appears. On our recent trip to Estonia we spent a couple of days in...

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