More than 1,000 examples of architecture, monuments and artwork created in countries and territories that were once part of the Soviet Union, Yugoslavia or the Eastern Bloc

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This section of our website showcases architecture, monuments and artwork, namely mosaics and sgraffito, created in countries and territories when they were part of the communist world – those that belonged to the Soviet Union or former Eastern Bloc plus the Balkan countries that used to be collectively known as Yugoslavia.

We have spent a lot of time in these regions tracking down creative architecture (constructivism, Stalin-Empire style, Soviet and socialist modernism, etc.), monuments to glory, enormous monoliths and, specifically in the Balkans, spomeniks, which are Tito-era World War II-related monuments and memorials that remain scattered throughout every corner of the former Yugoslavia.  

Some of the posts feature only basic information (the full name, city and country along with the architect and dates of construction/completion if known), whereas others include more detail in the form of a little history, particulars about the architect and that sort of thing. Architectonic is an ongoing project and we will continue to search out fantastical-looking buildings and other relics from the ex-world of communism, as well as add more examples to this page and create additional information for existing posts. So, if you are a fan of this style or have a fascination with socialist-era memorabilia then do remember to sporadically check back for more of the same. 

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Examples of more detailed articles on our blog related to the same topic include the following. Additionally, country-specific posts connected to the subject can be found on the corresponding destination page.

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