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adjective:  ar·chi·tec·ton·ic  \\ ˌär-kə-ˌtek-ˈtä-nik \\

Origin: Mid 17th century: via Latin from Greek arkhitektonikos, from arkhitektōn (see architect).

Definition: (adjective) (of an artistic composition) having a clearly defined structure, especially one that is artistically pleasing.

Welcome to Architectonic – Connecting Travel & Architecture

Anyone who has followed our journey over the years will know of our interest in monuments and architecture. Our enthusiasm doesn’t extend to all styles, however, more specifically we are drawn to over-the-top, concrete-dominated buildings often referred to as Brutalism or Modernist architecture. Housing estates, circuses, retail complexes, government buildings and even a crematorium – you name it and we’ve probably gone searching for it at some point or another over the past few years.

As for monuments – our interest is firmly embedded in countries that were once part of the communist world – those that belonged to the former Eastern Bloc or the Soviet Union plus the Balkan countries that used to be collectively known as Yugoslavia. We have spent a lot of time in the region tracking down monuments to glory, enormous monoliths and, specifically in the Balkans, spomeniks, which are Tito-era World War II-related monuments and memorials that remain scattered throughout every corner of the former Yugoslavia.  

We like stark, we like giantism and we like ugly-pretty. We’ve written about how our admiration for such architectural styles came about in an article entitled Back in the U.S.S.R. … and the aim of this page is not to repeat what’s already been said. Instead, we want to photographically showcase some of the magnificent, and they are magnificent in our opinion, structures and monuments that we have found while travelling throughout the region.

As this is a visual page, we have provided only basic information on each building or monument (the full name, city and country along with the architect and dates of construction/completion if we know it). However, if there is a particular structure that goes beyond a mere curiosity pique, let us know as we may be able to provide more details. Equally, if you know any of the architect’s names or building completion dates listed as unknown, we would appreciate hearing from you.

And finally, Architectonic is an ongoing project. We will continue to search out fantastical-looking buildings and stern relics from the ex-world of communism, and will add more images as and when we can. So, if you are a fan of this style or simply have a fascination with communist-era memorabilia then do remember to sporadically check back for more of the same.

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