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Tried and tested routes, based on our travels, to help with your travel planning.


From brutalist to modernist, and all concrete in between; monuments and spomeniks.


Tips on where to go and what to do on a short break to some of Europe’s lesser-visited cities.

The Balkans

The group of countries in South Eastern Europe collectively referred to as The Balkans.

Off the Beaten Path

Join us on the road less travelled discovering off-beat destinations and quirky things to see.

Back in the Day

Mark, in particular, does like to reminisce with travel stories from the ‘good old days’.


We’re not obsessed with seeing as many UNESCO sites as possible but these are the ones we’ve seen!


A fantastic alternative European destination – great value for money, no crowds and lots to do!

Abandoned Places

We’re fairly amateur Urbexers but we do get a thrill out of exploring abandoned places.

Break the Journey

We encourage you to ‘stop the bus’ and discover places others only see from the window.

Photo Essays

You may have noticed that we like taking pictures. These posts feature a lot of images!

Former USSR

So far, we’ve visited 13 of the 15 post-Soviet states including Ukraine, Central Asia & the Baltics.

Street Art

Urban art is on the rise. Street art and graffiti as spotted on our travels.

Trains, Planes & Automobiles

A photo project featuring ageing and abandoned vehicles.

Trekking in Nepal

All you need to know about trekking in Nepal: detailed guides based on personal experience.

South East Asia

A part of the world we know very well, see our suggests for off the path places in Asia.

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