Abandoned Places

Urban exploration, abandoned places and the downright desolate

noun:  ur·bex  \\ ˈɜːbɛks \\

Origin: Short for Urban Exploration.

Definition: the exploration of man-made structures often abandoned or hidden from the general public.

Welcome to the corner of our website dedicated to our blog posts featuring abandoned places

In this section of our website you will find all our posts related to abandoned locations. Along with seeking out street art and looking for Soviet/socialist-era relics, urban exploration, or urbex as it’s often abbreviated to, is another of our interests.

Sharing locations of abandoned places

You will notice that in some of the posts we have shared the whereabouts of the place in question but on others we have not. Our attitude is that if the said location comes up or can easily be found on Google Maps or has been revealed by someone else then we will also share the GPS on our site. For example, type Brestovac Sanatorium (in Croatia) into Google Maps and you’ll be provided with an exact location and over 400 photos of this atmospheric set of ruins. And, it would seem that every backpacker in South East Asia knows about the former Ho Thuy Tien Water Park on the outskirts of Hue in central Vietnam. In these instances, even though it is against the urbex code, there seems little point in us holding back and we might as well be as helpful as possible.

But, on the other hand, if we feel a specific spot would not benefit from additional, or the wrong type of visitors, or is dangerous to explore then we won’t reveal its whereabouts.

Our most popular urban exploration post by a long shot is Soviet Sanatoriums in Tskaltubo, Georgia. If you read it, you will notice that we specifically make a point of saying that we will not share all of the locations of the former sanatoriums and other places we visited in the town. This is because a number of these sanatoriums are home to Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) who arrived during and after the savage Georgia-Abkhazia conflict that took place in 1992-1993. We are conscious of this fact. What’s more, we are responsible urban explorers. We never damage anything in order to gain access and neither do we take anything away but we cannot vouch for those we don’t know and this is another reason why we might hold back.

In short, if we have not provided an exact location then please do not ask us for one.

And a final word of warning: beware of dogs. Lovely as they might be, stray dogs in an abandoned environment are frightening at best and darn right dangerous if they decide to attack.

DISCLAIMER: If you are inspired to visit any of the locations listed in our posts, you do so at your own risk.

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