Abandoned Places

Urban exploration, abandoned places and the downright desolate

noun:  ur·bex  \\ ˈɜːbɛks \\

Origin: Short for Urban Exploration.

Definition: the exploration of man-made structures often abandoned or hidden from the general public.

Welcome to the corner of our website dedicated to our blog posts featuring abandoned places

Anyone who has followed our journey over the years may have noticed that our travels have taken a slightly darker path over the past few years and we find ourselves exploring an increasing number of abandoned buildings! 

Along with seeking out street art, brutalism, and Soviet and Communist monuments, Urban exploration, or URBEX as it’s often abbreviated to, is another of our niche interests. When it comes to dark, dank and foreboding interiors, Kirsty is a bit more of a scaredy-cat than Mark but he’s doing his best to persuade her!

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