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In Photos: the Abkhazian town of Ochamchire

What to see whilst wandering around Ochamchire As we wandered around Ochamchire with a large DSLR camera slung over the shoulder, we sensed that something was not quite right, yet we couldn’t help but take photo after photo of this desperately poor town situated in...

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Vinie Street Art in Kutaisi, Georgia

After Tbilisi’s flourishing street art scene, I had high expectations of the street art and graffiti in Kutaisi, Georgia’s legislative capital. Although Kutaisi is a city with its roots firmly in the past, it feels young at heart and seems like the kind of...

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Abandoned Armenia – Unfinished hotel near Lake Sevan

This vast, unfinished hotel dominates the hill that looks down on Lake Sevan, one of Armenia’s premier tourist destinations, and we couldn’t resist climbing up to take a closer look. It’s not possible to get inside the structure, and not really worth it anyway as it’s...

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Abandoned Armenia – A Former Swimming Pool in Yerevan

I can’t provide many facts about this abandoned swimming pool in Yerevan. A Google search, even in Armenian, brings up nothing and we also asked around while we were in the city but nobody could shed any light on what period it is from and why it fell into...

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Visiting the UNESCO site of Hattusa in Turkey

How to visit the ancient city of Hattusa independently using public transport We were travelling through the holiday hotspots of Turkey’s Black Sea but were in the mood for something a bit more cultural. Our initial plan was to stick to the coast, travelling overland...

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Off-the-Beaten-Track Abkhazia: Pitsunda Resort

Exploring the resort town of Pitsunda on the Black Sea Coast During our stay in the small but rather pleasant Abkhazian capital, Sukhumi, we used to visit the same canteen for breakfast each morning. The (predominately) elderly (and friendly) waitresses all had...

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Independent Day Trips from Yerevan, Armenia

Sightseeing from Yerevan that can be done without taking an organised tour As independent travellers, it can often seem that we don’t like to do things the easy way. We enjoy the challenge of reaching a destination by public transport, and we get a lot of satisfaction...

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Where to break the journey between Tbilisi and Yerevan

Alternative places in Armenia to stop on the journey from Tbilisi and Yerevan If you are familiar with our style of travel, you’ll know we’re not big fans of long journeys on public transport and we’re especially not keen on overnight travel. We like going places by...

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