Georgia is currently one of the hottest travel destinations! It’s on all of the ‘best places to visit in 2019’ lists and we know why! Sandwiched between the Caucasus Mountains to the north, the Black Sea to the west and deserts to the south, Georgia is literally at the crossroads between Europe and Asia. Once part of the USSR, Georgia borders Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Russia, this Caucasus nation is a melting pot of cultures with spectacular landscapes, hospitable people and delicious food. It’s also backpacker-budget friendly and has plenty of options for adventurous and off-the-beaten-path travel.

Street Art in Tbilisi, Georgia

Where to find Tbilisi's best street art and graffiti, including a location map This is going to be an unashamedly photo-based post featuring some of the street art and graffiti we’ve seen in Tbilisi. As with many former Soviet or Communist countries, Georgia’s...

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In photos: Abandoned swimming pools

Urban exploration at some of the world’s forsaken swimming pools Of all the derelict places we find, swimming pools have to be one of the most alluring. It’s not always that easy to visualise what an abandoned location would have been like before it became...

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Vinie Street Art in Kutaisi, Georgia

After Tbilisi’s flourishing street art scene, I had high expectations of the street art and graffiti in Kutaisi, Georgia’s legislative capital. Although Kutaisi is a city with its roots firmly in the past, it feels young at heart and seems like the kind of...

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Where to break the journey between Tbilisi and Yerevan

Alternative places in Armenia to stop on the journey from Tbilisi and Yerevan If you are familiar with our style of travel, you’ll know we’re not big fans of long journeys on public transport and we’re especially not keen on overnight travel. We like going places by...

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What we got up to in the Baltic States and the Caucasus

Not the typical tourist attractions: Alternative sightseeing on our travels In no particular order, our priorities on our recent 2½ month trip to the Baltic States of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, and Armenia, Georgia and Abkhazia in the Caucasus were as follows:...

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Soviet Sanatoriums in Tskaltubo, Georgia

Exploring the abandoned sanatoriums in the Georgian town of Tskaltubo is our kind of urbexing. They are almost all open and accessible, their sweeping stone staircases and ornate entrances easily visible, tempting curious passers-by like us to take a closer look....

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Being Surprised by Batumi in Georgia

Discovering Batumi: Georgia’s second city and foremost Black Sea resort Georgia’s second city and go-to place for a bit of sun and R&R took us by surprise when we arrived after a two-month trip from one side of Turkey to the other. Batumi is only 37km north of...

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