03 to 10 March 2010
From Langkawi we took another boat and bus to Trang on mainland Thailand and from there to the small island of Koh Mook. I can’t believe we are both getting on all of these boats after our previous near-death experiences on Lake Titicaca and to Phi Phi but the waters were pretty calm so there was nothing to fear! The first few days on the island we stayed in a tent which was pretty cool but for the second part of the week we “upgraded” to a bungalow for a whole quid a night more! But it meant standing room and a private bathroom so was more than worth it. It’s a quiet island with a lovely almost deserted beach and clear waters and a couple of bars. We met some nice people to share beers on the beach with and got a good sun baking. Altogether, very relaxing. Not much else to add really but it fills in the gaps and gets the blog up to date!

Koh Mook Thailand 13

Koh Mook Thailand 9

Koh Mook Thailand 18

Koh Mook Thailand 31

Koh Mook Thailand 23

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