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Hello and welcome to our Thailand travel blog. You will find all our Thailand blog posts in this section of our website.

Maybe you found our Thailand travel blog because you are thinking about visiting Thailand, or perhaps you are partway through planning a trip to South East Asia. Whatever the reason, we hope we can provide some useful resources and travel tips for Thailand.

Thailand is quite possibly the country we have visited more than any other. Since we began our full-time travels, Thailand, in particular, Chiang Mai, is somewhere we have returned to over and over to the extent that we consider Chiang Mai to be our second home. It’s the place we head to when we want to catch up with work, get into some kind of routine and perhaps most importantly have a regular social life (one thing that is hard when you are constantly moving from one place to another).

But Chiang Mai aside, Thailand has a lot to offer every type of traveller. Many places in Thailand indeed seem to have more tourists than locals, however, travellers tend to stick to relatively few places (we can it the sheep trail) and it is surprisingly easy to travel off-the-beaten-path in Thailand. Granted we have ended up in some very random places during our Thailand travels, but the satisfaction of being the only farang* in town and giggling with the food vendors over our attempts at ordering dinner in Thai is immense. *farang is the derogatory but accepted name many Thais give foreigners.

Although our work has allowed us to stay in our fair share of luxury hotels in Thailand, our blog posts are generally aimed at independent travellers and backpackers like us and have a strong focus on travelling around using public transport, staying in budget accommodation and exploring off-the-beaten-path and lesser-visited places.

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Our 2017 Travel Review in Photographs

Our 2017 Travel Review in Photographs

And a preview of what's on our travel agenda for 2018 Oops, we did it again! On not slowing down… 2017 saw us pass our 9-year travelversary but didn’t see us slow down very much! We stayed in a handful of places for a week which, to be honest, is quite an achievement...

Street Art in Hua Hin, Thailand

Street Art in Hua Hin, Thailand

Hua Hin street art. Where to find street art and graffiti at an abandoned building in southern Thailand – an alternative to visiting the beach in Hua Hin.

2016 Travel Review in Photographs

2016 Travel Review in Photographs

2016 travel review: a roundup of the countries we travelled to in 2016, 2016 travel highlights and a lot of wanderlusty photographs with links to articles.



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