Five Years of Travel: Our Top 5

Five of our most memorable experiences from five years of travel Today, 30 November, marks the 5 year anniversary of leaving the UK. When we boarded our flight at Heathrow on that grey winter morning I don’t think either of imagined that we’d still be travelling five...

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Colombia: Caribbean Coast & Colonial Gems

02 to 14 January 2011 So after some time exploring Colombia's hills and highlands it was time to head to its fabled Caribbean coast for some sun, sea and sand. Due to landslides caused by severe flooding early in December many roads were blocked or destroyed. Luckily,...

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Thoughts on Colombia so Far (or 75, well and alive*)

20 December 2010 to 01 January 2011 It's not often that you only hear good reports about a country from fellow travelers but everyone we spoke to that has visited Colombia had nothing but positive things to say about it so it seemed the obvious place to head to after...

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