A week of settling in and finding our routine has meant that I haven’t managed to turn over my new blogging leaf! So, last Friday we said our goodbyes to Kathmandu and took a Thai Airways flight direct to Bangkok and then connected with a flight to Chiang Mai. As we now like to think of ourselves as flashpackers rather than backpackers, I booked us in at the Holiday Inn for the first night. This is right next door to the Riverside Condo which we were moving to the next day so it convenient for a quick switch the following morning as well as a slap-up buffet breakfast like we hadn’t seen in Kathmandu for a while!

I will cut a long story short (Riverside Condo didn’t work out for us) as many people know the ins and outs but on Thursday we moved into what will definitely be our home for the next month: Smith Residence. In terms of space, we only have a hotel-sized room and a small balcony. No kitchen but we have a fridge and microwave so we can make hot drinks and have snacks. However, Thailand is just soooo cheap to eat at one of the many street-side restaurants that it shouldn’t be a problem for the next month. Downstairs there is a small restaurant plus a mini-mart so pretty much everything is on our doorstep. And what’s not on our doorstep is on our rooftop: a small swimming pool and sun deck and gym. So here are a few photos of the place and our new view of rooftops and temple spires.

Click on the image below to activate a slide show of Smith Residence, our new home. NB If you’re reading on a touch screen device you can swipe to the next image.

This week, I have of course been working and Mark has been basically arsing about buying and sorting out his new computer! We’ve managed a couple of sessions in the gym and also by the pool. By the pool is subject to weather as its rainy season here, some days are sunny and some are very wet! Today, it’s very wet!

We have been enjoying exploring the streets whilst being able to walk on a pavement (mostly) and without the constant racket of car and motor bike horns. Where we are now is very close to what is known as “Saturday Walking Street”. Basically every Saturday (surprise, surprise) afternoon and evening, the long street is closed off to traffic and loads of small stalls set up selling souvenirs, t-shirts, food and snacks. There are also a few buskers to jolly up the whole thing as well as road side masseurs! So this is how we spent a few hours yesterday afternoon and evening. Everything is Nepal is closed down and asleep by 1030pm, but in Thailand things are just in full swing with everyone grazing from one food stall to the next. Thai food is fantastic so am definitely going to need that gym!

So that’s the end of this first brief entry, let’s see how I get on with subsequent entries here!

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