The world’s largest 3D art museum is in Chiang Mai: Art in Paradise

Art in Paradise 3D Gallery Chiang Mai ThailandYesterday we visited Art in Paradise which opened here in Chiang Mai last month. Their strap line is ‘Be Fun. Be Active. Be Creative’ and it claims to be the worlds largest 3D art museum and is a gallery of illusionary artwork. The artists are Korean and like all good illusions, the paintings are difficult to describe. Visitors are encouraged to get interactive by posing against or on the paintings. In fact, it is essential to do this in order appreciate the illusion that most of the art work creates. I don’t know if it’s art or science but the effect is quite incredible.



The gallery is on two huge floors and consists of almost warehouse-like spaces with gigantic murals painted on the walls and floors. None of the paintings have frames, even those that look like they do. The varied themes range from famous sites like Angkor Wat, the canals of Venice and Egyptian Tombs to wildlife and dinosaurs and zombies to clever adaptations of works from famous paintings like Van Gogh’s sunflowers and the Mona Lisa.

Art in Paradise is definitely one of those places where pictures speak louder than words so here are a few of our silly photos.

Don’t forget your camera!

You didn’t know we could surf, did you?

Art in Paradise 3D Gallery Chiang Mai Thailand

As grown-ups we had plenty of laughs but it would a particularly good excursion for families. Participation is definitely most of the fun and everyone is getting involved, so there’s no need to be shy. Whilst it’s not Chiang Mai’s cheapest attraction, it is great fun and will lead to loads of funky profile pictures!

Art in Paradise 3D Gallery Chiang Mai ThailandAaahhh!


Cost: 300 baht adult/200 baht child for foreigners. 180 baht adult/120 baht child for Thai nationals. I have read that foreigners living in Thailand that can produce either a Thai driving license or a work permit can get in for the Thai price.

Where is Art in Paradise: It’s south of both the night bazaar and Pantip Plaza on Chang Klang Road between the Shangri La and Empress Hotels. The building it is in, Sea Suan Plaza Building, used to be a shopping mall and there is a Tourism of Thailand office almost opposite.

Opening Times: 9am – 9pm daily


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