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Tibet in Photos | Our Favourite Images from Tibet

A photographic look back at our travels through Tibet Our three-week journey through Tibet began with a VERY long train ride from Beijing to Lhasa from where we journeyed along the Friendship Highway to Gyantse and Shigatse, visiting places of interest along the way....

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Postcards from the Past: Asia

This post is part two of a mini-series and features postcards I sent from my first backpacking adventures #backintheday. The first part included cards I sent from my first trip to Europe way back in 1988! This second part features my first independent travels to Asia,...

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Travel Shot | Mount Kailash Kora in Western Tibet

The circuit around Mount Kailash in Western Tibet is 52 kilometres in circumference. Physically fit Tibetans can complete this distance in one, very long, day and many will do this multiple times. However, it took us 2½ days to complete our single kora...

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Travel Shot | The Ancient Walled Town of Pingyao | China

For a slice of classic China look no further than the ancient walled town of Pingyao, possibly the best-preserved in the country. We know the secret is out but with its multitude of alleyways, impressive watchtowers, and imposing city walls, the UNESCO World Heritage...

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Twelve Forts and Castles from Around the World

A photo essay featuring twelve forts, castles and palaces that we have explored on our travels There are forts and castles of some description in many countries the world over. We are never going to see them all but when we know there is either a castle or fort nearby...

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Travel Shot | Luoyang Old Town in China

Today’s Photo of the Day is from Luoyang Old Town in China. Most visitors to Luoyang are initially attracted to the city because of a couple of nearby sights: Baima Si (White Horse Temple; one of the country’s oldest) and Longmen Grottoes which contain Buddhist rock...

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Travel Shot | Friday Call to Prayer in Kashgar, China

Uyghurs (the indigenous population from China’s Xinjiang province), particularly the men, are very photogenic. Every one of them looks like he has a lifetime of stories to tell and a great place to see Uyghur men en masse is at the Id Kah Mosque in Old Kashgar just...

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