Twelve Forts and Castles from Around the World

A photo essay featuring twelve forts, castles and palaces that we have explored on our travels There are forts and castles of some description in many countries the world over. We are never going to see them all but when we know there is either a castle or fort nearby...

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Cycle Rickshaws: An Asian Icon

Cycle rickshaws: An Asian institution Historically not as old as I was expecting, the cycle rickshaw was first developed in Asia in the 1880s but was not used with any regularity until the late 1920s starting in Singapore. Coming in all shapes and sizes, cycle...

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Culture Shock: Japan

25 May to 10 June 2010 As we leave Japan on the ‘slow boat’ to South Korea (well the ferry) we thought it would be a good opportunity to report back on Japan and list some of our likes and dislikes. Thankfully it has mainly been likes and overall Japan has lived up to...

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