Twelve More Forts and Castles from Around the World

A photo essay featuring twelve more forts, castles and palaces that we have explored on our travels As a continuation of our first Forts and Castles post, here are some more fortresses that we have discovered on our travels.   Gjirokastra Castle, Albania UNESCO...

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Longterm Travel: Seven Years on the Road

Today marks the date when, seven years ago, we left the UK and began our nomadic lifestyle. Introduction by Kirsty and stories by Mark Nomad: a member of a people or tribe that has no permanent abode but moves about from place to place … Seven years. It’s a long time...

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Casa Particulares Reviews | Cuba

Information and Contact Details for the Casa Particulares we Stayed in, Cuba As a follow up to our recent post about what to expect when staying in a casa particular, here are the details of the home stays we lodged at during our travels through Cuba. One of the great...

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Cycle Rickshaws: An Asian Icon

Cycle rickshaws: An Asian institution Historically not as old as I was expecting, the cycle rickshaw was first developed in Asia in the 1880s but was not used with any regularity until the late 1920s starting in Singapore. Coming in all shapes and sizes, cycle...

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Twelve Doors and Doorways Around the World

A Photo Essay featuring Doors and Doorways from Around the World We like doors and doorways, they are easy to photograph, they don’t move out of your shot unexpectedly, they are happy to pose for as long as it takes and they don't ask for any money after you have...

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Staying in a Casa Particular in Cuba

What to expect when staying in a Casa Particular in Cuba The Cuban equivalent of homestays are casa particulares: private family homes in which the owner rents out one or more of their rooms to paying guests. For independent travellers to Cuba, staying in casa...

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2014 in Photographs

It’s not in my nature to use words like awesome or epic but looking back at our 2014, less-enthusiastic words just don't do our travelling year justice. Twenty-six countries across three continents, it’s certainly going down as the year we packed in the most...

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Cuban Icons | A Photo Essay

Cuban icons? If we were to mention Cuba to you, what images does it conjure up? There are many iconic images of Cuba but here are a few photographs we took that, to us, say "This is Cuba!" If you'd like a closer look at the photos, just click one to start a slideshow...

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Varadero Beach on a Budget

Is it possible to visit Cuba's beautiful beaches at Varadero on a budget? During our recent travels around Cuba, we initially dismissed visiting Varadero, thinking it would stretch our budget too far. It is the country's most popular beach destination and, with its...

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Street Food in Cuba

Street Food in Cuba - Eight things we ate for less than 25 cents Or 15 pence. To me, the mention of "street food" conjures up images of Thailand: home of the most delicious snacks and quick bites that can be bought from a roadside stall or mobile cart anywhere in the...

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Travels Through Cuba

After forming some first impressions of Cuba whilst in Havana, we decided our next stop would be Cienfuegos. It was a logical place to start although on reflection we would have planned it differently. On reflection, we would have planned it! We discovered that we...

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