The Park-Monument of the Bulgarian-Soviet Friendship in Varna

What is the Park-Monument of the Bulgarian-Soviet Friendship Situated in the port city of Varna, the Park-Monument of the Bulgarian-Soviet Friendship (hence forth referred to as ‘the Monument’) is one of Bulgaria’s most imposing Socialist-era relics. In fact, I’d go...

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The Retro Museum in Varna | Bulgaria

Our Impressions of the groovy Retro museum in Bulgaria’s most cosmopolitan Black Sea city Before you read on, listen to the following bit of music on Youtube. It’s only eighteen seconds long but, I assure you it sits very nicely with the photos you are about to look...

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Travel Shot | Einstein Street Art in Sofia | Bulgaria

This is such a genius idea for a garbage bin, don’t you think!? See what I did there? 😉 We spotted this great piece of artwork during our exploration of Sofia. Is it technically street art though? Perhaps it could be the start of a whole new style of street art …...

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Street Art in Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria

Finding so much Street Art in Veliko Tarnovo was an unexpected surprise ... Whilst exploring the Bulgarian town of Veliko Tarnovo we were struck by the large volume and variety of street art. Not unusual, you might think. After all, it feels like street art and...

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Suggested Itinerary: Istanbul to Sofia via the Long Route

ITINERARY SUMMARY  (Turkey) Istanbul - Edirne (Bulgaria) - Plovdiv - Bansko - Rila - Sofia   Edirne is a worthwhile stop on the route up from Istanbul to Bulgaria. The city sees few tourists, has some excellent cuisine (Edirne is known for its thinly-sliced calf’s...

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Where to break the journey between Istanbul and Sofia

Edirne in Turkey and Plovdiv in Bulgaria: Two excellent places to stop en route between Istanbul and Sofia Beyoglu, Istanbul If you are travelling between Turkey’s greatest city and the Bulgarian capital and don’t fancy either an 18-hour bus journey or the sometimes...

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2016 Travel Review in Photographs

Here we go again with a roundup of where our 2016 travels took us, featuring a lot of wanderlusty photographs. Is it really a year since our last annual travel review?! At the start of every year we catch ourselves saying “we’re going to really slow it down this...

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Communist-era architecture in Sofia, Bulgaria

aka architecture built during the period when the communists were in charge of Bulgaria I got completely lambasted by the guy in the Tourist Information Centre in Sofia. Within the very early stages of our (eventually) long conversation, he was telling me that Sofia...

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Electric Utility Box Art | Street Art in Sofia, Bulgaria

Whilst exploring Sofia recently, with our usual eye out for street art, we noticed a couple of those electricity boxes; the kind you don't usually notice. I don’t know what the correct name for them is - Electricity transformer boxes or kiosks? Circuit boxes? Junction...

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Monument to 1300 Years of Bulgaria in Shumen, Bulgaria

I’m trying to rack my brain. Hard for me these days I have to admit but I’m trying to recall a scene from a film in which a small band of men are wandering with trepidation through a sinister, deserted and rather large stone passage-way.

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