Suggested Itinerary: Three weeks in Bangladesh

ITINERARY SUMMARY  Dhaka - Barisal - Hularhat - Khulna - Sunderbans - Khulna - Kushtia - Rajshahi - Dhaka - Srimangal - Dhaka NOTHING will prepare you for the first time you head out onto the streets of Dhaka. It is one of the craziest cities on the planet. But, it...

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Are the People of Bangladesh the Friendliest in the World?

What is Bangladesh's biggest attraction? It's the people! Let’s face it, not many tourists visit Bangladesh and having spent three weeks there, I can sort-of understand why. Bangladesh hasn't got India’s size and therefore its diversity - there is no Rajasthani...

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2015: A Review of our Travelling Year in Photographs

A Review of 2015: Our Year of Travel in Photographs When it comes to travel, 2015 was another fantastic year for us, once more packed full of superlatives. In November we celebrated a milestone: our seven year travelversary. Yes, it really has been seven years since...

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Longterm Travel: Seven Years on the Road

Today marks the date when, seven years ago, we left the UK and began our nomadic lifestyle. Introduction by Kirsty and stories by Mark Nomad: a member of a people or tribe that has no permanent abode but moves about from place to place … Seven years. It’s a long time...

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A look at the colourful Rickshaw Art in Bangladesh

Exploring the brightly decorated rickshaws in Bangladesh When I reflect on our travels through Bangladesh, there is one image that stands out above all others: the image of a brightly coloured rickshaw, elaborately painted and decorated from top to toe. The cycle...

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Cycle Rickshaws: An Asian Icon

Cycle rickshaws: An Asian institution Historically not as old as I was expecting, the cycle rickshaw was first developed in Asia in the 1880s but was not used with any regularity until the late 1920s starting in Singapore. Coming in all shapes and sizes, cycle...

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Travelling by Rocket Paddle Steamer in Bangladesh

Riding the famous Rocket ship from Dhaka to Hularhat I don’t really like the term bucket list but travelling on Bangladesh’s waterways by Rocket steamer ship is something that has long been on my and Mark’s, erm, bucket list. Rocket paddle steamers have been...

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Bangladesh Selfies

"Selfie, selfie. Selfie please!" the giggling group of girls called to us as we were about to pass them on the street. It was a greeting we had to come to hear often throughout our travels in Bangladesh. Almost as often as "Which country?" and "What is your name?"  ...

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