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A journey through pre-civil war Syria

Featuring photographs from my 'Back in the Day' visit to Syria In the autumn of 2005, six years before the start of the civil war, I spent ten days travelling around Syria. The cities I visited and the architectural wonders that I saw blew my mind and to this day, the...

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Twelve More Forts and Castles from Around the World

A photo essay featuring twelve more forts, castles and palaces that we have explored on our travels As a continuation of our first Forts and Castles post, here are some more fortresses that we have discovered on our travels.   Gjirokastra Castle, Albania Gjirokastra...

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Twelve Forts and Castles from Around the World

A photo essay featuring twelve forts, castles and palaces that we have explored on our travels There are forts and castles of some description in many countries the world over. We are never going to see them all but when we know there is either a castle or fort nearby...

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Travel Shot | Ancient Palmyra in Syria

This photograph of the ancient Semitic city of Palmyra was taken before the devastating civil war in Syria began. I recall sitting atop a mountain at sunset, looking down and thinking this has to be one of the most incredible places I have ever seen. It beggars belief...

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An epic train journey from Iran to Pakistan 

Taking the train from Zāhedān in Iran to Quetta in Pakistan Zāhedān is the capital of Iran’s southeast Sistan and Baluchistan province and is located near the tri-point of the borders between Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan. The city is hot, dusty and practically...

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Travel Shot | The Roman ruins of Baalbek in Lebanon

Located in the Beqaa Valley, Baalbek is one of the most impressive archaeological sites in the Middle East. Showcasing the might of the Imperial Roman Empire, Heliopolis, as it was formerly known, became prominent under the Phoenicians but it was the Romans who built...

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Friday Flashback | Sandstorm near Benghazi, Libya

My Libyan guide and I were on our way from the port city of Tobruk to Benghazi when suddenly we spotted an approaching sandstorm. It was about 4pm and just before the storm arrived, the sky went completely red and I quickly got out of the car to take the enclosed...

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Twelve Doors and Doorways Around the World

A Photo Essay featuring Doors and Doorways from Around the World We like doors and doorways, they are easy to photograph, they don’t move out of your shot unexpectedly, they are happy to pose for as long as it takes and they don't ask for any money after you have...

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Friday Flashback | Palmyra in pre-civil-war Syria

Before the start of the civil war, Syria was one of the most rewarding countries to visit in the Middle East. Damascus, Aleppo and Hama were all fascinating cities to explore and even at the height of their popularity as tourist destinations, Syria’s numerous...

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