In Photos: The Roman City of Leptis Magna in Libya

Every now and then I look through some of our old photos and consider if I can do anything with them in order to make them presentable and worthy of a post on our blog. I have visited Libya twice, both times were during the reign/dictatorship of Colonel Gaddafi and...

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Travel Shot | The Berber town of Ghadames in Libya

Quiet back streets and white-washed buildings in the Berber town of Ghadames in Libya. Situated approximately 450km southwest of Tripoli, getting to Ghadames involves either a short flight or a long drive across the scorching Libyan Desert. For miles and miles you see...

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Friday Flashback | Sandstorm near Benghazi, Libya

My Libyan guide and I were on our way from the port city of Tobruk to Benghazi when suddenly we spotted an approaching sandstorm. It was about 4pm and just before the storm arrived, the sky went completely red and I quickly got out of the car to take the enclosed...

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