Street Art in Ipoh, Malaysia

If there’s one thing that will lure me to a city, it’s the promise of exceptional street art. We had pinpointed Ipoh as a potential place to break our journey between Singapore and Hat Yai and as I researched what to see in Ipoh, street art kept coming up. And so,...

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Penang’s Secret Weapon: Eating & Drinking in Malaysia

And where to get the cheapest alcohol in George Town... George Town, the capital city of the Malaysian state of Penang, is one of the coolest cities in Southeast Asia. At its heart, around Little India and Chinatown and along the waterfront, this UNESCO World Heritage...

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2016 Travel Review in Photographs

Here we go again with a roundup of where our 2016 travels took us, featuring a lot of wanderlusty photographs. Is it really a year since our last annual travel review?! At the start of every year we catch ourselves saying “we’re going to really slow it down this...

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Street Art in George Town, Penang

Seeking Out Street Art in Penang: The Street Art Capital of Asia! Unlike some cities, where street art is tucked away in less salubrious parts of town and not easy to find, you don't have to search very hard to find art in public places in Penang. If you're in George...

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Cycle Rickshaws: An Asian Icon

Cycle rickshaws: An Asian institution Historically not as old as I was expecting, the cycle rickshaw was first developed in Asia in the 1880s but was not used with any regularity until the late 1920s starting in Singapore. Coming in all shapes and sizes, cycle...

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Relaxing in Melaka

I know we have an annoying habit of not putting anything on the blog for weeks at a time and then throwing on two or three long ones at once so I will attempt to try to keep this one short and sweet. After our enjoyable stint in Sri Lanka we took an early morning...

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Thai Beach Bliss

From Langkawi we took another boat and bus to Trang on mainland Thailand and from there to the small island of Koh Mook. I can’t believe we are both getting on all of these boats after our previous near-death experiences …

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Penang and Langkawi

28 March to 01 April 2010 Arriving in Georgetown, Penang's capital, on first impressions I think both Mark and I felt it wasn't the place we both remember from previous separate visits many moons ago. But once we'd settled in and done a bit of exploring we found its...

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Siem Reap to KL

23 to 27 March 2010 And so on Tuesday we bid a fond farewell to Siem Reap - me with more reluctance than Mark it is probably fair to say but it is also very exciting to be starting the next phase of our journey. We'll be back in Siem Reap at the end of April so it was...

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