We are now both away for a few weeks. Kirsty has gone back to the UK to go to the office, see her family and most importantly pick up some Haribo sweets and Marmite for me! I am off to Everest tomorrow for what will be my most challenging trek to date, if only because it is going to last 22 days and the longest I have done so far is 12.

We have just had a very nice 12 days or so with our good friends Andy and Mandy. We showed them around Kathmandu for a couple of days and then headed out of the capital, visiting Chitwan, Tansen, Pokhara and Bandipur before finally returning to Kathmandu. When we got back my computer was hit by a virus and so we have lost two computers in so many months. As always, you loose things (apart from your mind) and on this occasion we (I say “we” but it was totally my stupidity) lost all of our photos from this trip so nothing to post I am afraid. I must thank Andy and Mandy for putting up with my frustration and dashes all over the city trying to sort it out before heading off tomorrow. Thankfully I have, and (touch wood), it seems to be working OK (I do not even want to write the words, it is tempting fate too much).

Will post a (very long) update when I return from Everest.

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