As promised here are some pics of our new apartment.  It’s compact and bijou but that means it should keep warmer during the winter.  As you may notice we’re located above the Himalayan Buddhist Meditation Centre – hopefully some good karma will waft up the stairs!  They have a small vegetarian café which is handy for lunch or breakfast if there’s no electricity for the toaster!  They also do yoga classes and I’m psyching myself up for the 7am start!  We have one bedroom which is also where my workspace is and an open plan living-dining-kitchen. There’s not much to the kitchen but I am not sure how much I’ll end up cooking so I’m sure it will be OK.  Also the gas burner is a bit daunting for some reason even though it’s not much different to a mains gas oven top.  It has massive windows on 3 sides which is one of the things we liked about it as it lets lots of light in and we have space outside on our balcony for some chairs.  We may regret the large windows in the summer when it turns into a greenhouse though!  The apartments are brand new and we’re the first occupants; the others are due to be finished before long so we may have some neighbours soon.


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