We arrived into Delhi at 2am and I didn’t really feel any different, arriving at an airport I have done so regularly in the past; just the start of another holiday or work trip. The same familiar sights, sounds and smells that hit me each time I step off an aeroplane into the city were there along with a feeling that I was ready for my bed. It was around 4am by the time we were climbing into bed in our lovely room at the Imperial Hotel. The Imperial has to be my favourite hotel in Delhi, one of my favourite in all of India and ranking high amongst world favourites, so I had felt it would be fitting place to start our big adventure. We slept late and made it to the restaurant for breakfast by 10am. The rest of the day we both seemed to be drawn to re-visiting old haunts. We walked up Janpath and around Connaught Place. Why does this place never change? When the rest of the city and India are modernising and opening new restaurants and shops the same old shops are still there. We took a taxi to Main Bazaar, favoured haunt of the backpacker. But the travellers seemed few and far between. It could be the time of the year or it could be that these days, savvy travellers just don’t see the appeal of hanging around in an increasingly congested city. Back to the sanctuary of the Imperial Hotel. As on every visit, we spend a good hour wandering the hotel corridors looking at the paintings on the walls – trying to recognise places from how they looked fifty or more years ago. We had a delicious meal at the Spice Route restaurant which specialises in South East Asian cuisine – although for a £70 bill it should have been!

Humayun’s Tomb New Delhi IndiaHumayun’s Tomb

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