Monument Cankar Battalion in Dražgoše

Location: Dražgoše, Slovenia

Completed: 1976

Architects: Boris Kobe, Stojan Batič (architects) and Ive Šubic (sculptor/artist)

Genre: Spomenik, Socialist monument, former Yugoslavia

The spomenik commemorates the WWII Battle of Dražgoše, which took place between Slovene Partisans and German forces in the village of the same name between 9th and 11th January 1942. The battle was the first major conflict between the two sides during the war and although the partisans fought ferociously, they were overwhelmed by superior German troops and lost the battle. It was the first time the Germans had come up against such a dogged resistance and reprisals against the villagers were harsh, including executions and deportation to a concentration camp.

Monument Cankar Battalion in Dražgoše in Dražgoše, Slovenia | Spomenik | Socialist monument | former Yugoslavia

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