Mosaic “New Bendery”, Bendery Bus Station

Location: Bendery (Bender), Transnistria

Completed: 1967

Artists: Mikhail Burya and Vladislav Obukh

Genre: Soviet artwork, former USSR

The mosaic artwork inside the waiting room at Bendery Bus Station comprises three sections: “Old Bendery”, “New Bendery” and “Red Square”. They are the combined work of renowned Moldavian Soviet artists, Mikhail Burya and Vladislav Obukh who were responsible for other works of monumental art throughout the region, including “The City is Flourishing and Being Built” (Chisinau) and “Făt-Frumos” (also in Bendery).

Notable architecture and monuments are represented in the ensemble, such as the city’s Stalin Empire style train station and the Monument to Pavel Tkachenko, which are both featured in “New Bendery”.

“New Bendery" inside Bendery Bus Station in Bendery (Bender), Transnistria | Soviet artwork | former USSR

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