Monument to Pavel Tkachenko

Location: Bendery (Bender), Transnistria

Completed: 1961

Architects: S. Shoikhet (architect), N. Epelbaum and B. Marchenko (sculptors)

Genre: Soviet monument, former USSR

The monument was erected in honour of the 60th anniversary of the birth of Pavel Tkachenko (1901-1926), a communist insurgent who was active in Bessarabia and Romania during the 1920s. Tkachenko’s family move to Bendery when he was one year old, and he began his revolutionary activities in the city in 1915. He took part in the 1917 Russian Revolution as well as the 1919 Bender Uprising and was reportedly arrested in Bucharest and transported to Chisinau, where he was shot by the Siguranța (Romanian secret police) in August 1926.

The Monument to Pavel Tkachenko, which was constructed with funds raised by members of the city’s Komsomol (All-Union Leninist Young Communist League), is situated in front of the House of Culture, having been moved there in 1972 from its original location on station square.

Monument to Pavel Tkachenko in Bendery (Bender), Transnistria | Soviet monument | former USSR

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