Expo Georgia Main Pavilion

Location: Tbilisi, Georgia

Constructed: 1960-1971

Architects: D. Paninashvili, L. Mamaladze, V. Nasaridze, W. Peykrishvili (architects), Leonardo Shengelia, Guram Kalandadze, Aliko Gorgadze, Tezo Asatiani and Kukuri Tsereteli (artists)

Former names: The Exhibition of the Successes of the Georgian Economy/VDNKH Exhibition Centre

Genre: Modernist, Soviet architecture, former USSR

The VDNKH Exhibition Centre was established to replace the Stalinist Empire style building that had been the city’s trade fair since the 1930s. Constructed over a period of eleven years, the new and much larger EXPO featured attractive pathways, well-places sculptures, green space and bodies of water, as well as more pavilions, all of which were designed in the style of Soviet Modernism. The main pavilion was one of the earliest structures to be completed. 

Expo Georgia Main Building (formerly VDNKH Exhibition Centre) in Tbilisi, Georgia | Modernist | Soviet architecture | former USSR

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