These three photographs were taken at the market in Santa Cruz del Quiché, Guatemala. El Quiché, as it is known locally, is only 19 kilometres north of Chichicastenango (‘Chichi’), a popular tourist destination renowned for its vibrant Thursday and Sunday markets but, unlike its famous neighbour, it sees only a fraction of the visitors and is well worth taking time out to explore.

Kirsty took these shots of this sweet little girl. In the first one, she is definitely not sure and is looking to her mother for encouragement. In the second one, her confidence is growing and by the third, she is happy to pose for the camera.

Click on the images to view them as a slide show.

By the way, here’s another top tip: For a more interesting Chichi experience arrive the morning before the market and spend the day and night there. Not only will you have time to visit El Quiché but you will also have the opportunity to explore the town minus the tourists. The town is really lively the night before the market as everyone prepares to set up. Finally, it also affords the opportunity to visit the market early the next morning before the bulk of the tourists arrive – happy days!

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