Cycle Rickshaws: An Asian Icon

Cycle rickshaws: An Asian institution Historically not as old as I was expecting, the cycle rickshaw was first developed in Asia in the 1880s but was not used with any regularity until the late 1920s starting in Singapore. Coming in all shapes and sizes, cycle...

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Twelve Doors and Doorways Around the World

A Photo Essay featuring Doors and Doorways from Around the World We like doors and doorways, they are easy to photograph, they don’t move out of your shot unexpectedly, they are happy to pose for as long as it takes and they don't ask for any money after you have...

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Top Five Treks in Nepal

There are many trekking routes in Nepal and I haven’t done them all by a long stretch but a few years ago Kirsty and I lived in Kathmandu for several months and as part of a project I was working on for a local company, I undertook a number of treks in different...

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Five Years of Travel: Our Top 5

Five of our most memorable experiences from five years of travel Today, 30 November, marks the 5 year anniversary of leaving the UK. When we boarded our flight at Heathrow on that grey winter morning I don’t think either of imagined that we’d still be travelling five...

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My Top 5 Himalayan Mountains

We don’t experience extremely cold weather very often, but when we do I start wondering about where I was the last time I was that cold. It doesn't take me very long to come up with the same answer every time – up high and in the Himalayan mountains. So I thought I...

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Farewell Nepal | Reflections on Life in Kathmandu

It’s a strange feeling as we’re coming to the end of our time in Nepal. Mixed emotions for sure but on balance we are both ready for a change of scenery. A few weeks ago, I wasn’t so sure but now Mark and I are in agreement and looking forward to the next chapter. It...

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Guest Post: A Few Photos Taken by Mark’s Dad

Here are a few photo's taken by Dad on our latest trek. As you can see, not so many mountains as in my batch! (well no mountains in fact). For more details of our trek check out my detailed blog post here.       [gallery type="justified" link="file"...

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Farewell Dinners

As a postscript to Mark's entry, I thought I should post these photo's of the meal when we took Santos and Gautam to Rum Doodle and our last meal with Ben at the Indian Restaurant at the Annapurna Hotel. Farewell dinner at the Annapurna Hotel [gallery columns="2"...

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Trekking in Nepal: Around Annapurna & Upper Mustang

aka 'Marks Fifth (and Final) Walk in Nepal' Entry number 42 23rd April 2009 (drive from Kathmandu to Besidahar and trek walk to Bhulbhuli) Dad arrived on schedule with a big bag of trekking gear for himself plus two boxes of toys and clothes kindly donated by the...

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Everest Mountain Flight

It was up bright and early this morning for Ben and myself as we were picked up at 5.45 am to go to the airport for our Everest Mountain Flight.  It is for many a highlight of a trip to Nepal and Ben was keen to do it; as I'd never done it before I decided I'd join...

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Pokhara and the Trekkers Return

14 to 15 May 2009 You will by now all be waiting with bated breath for the next trek report from Mark.  It was a 3-weeker so get ready!  On Thursday morning I flew to Pokhara and spend the day doing hotel inspections.  It was a beautiful day when the plane came in -...

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Chitwan Jungle Adventures

02 to 04 May 2009 On Saturday morning, I headed to Chitwan National Park to check out some of the lodges we use and compare the experiences they offer. I can’t believe the time here has gone so quickly and I haven’t had the opportunity to do this and a couple of other...

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