Our Journey Maps

The journey maps below show where we’ve been on our travels since our adventures to Kathmandu and beyond began in November 2008.

Because we have re-visited some of the same countries and places over the course of seven years on the road, our route is a bit of a tangle so we have split it by year, most recent year first.

There’s still a lot on each map but you can zoom in, move around the maps and explore the places we have visited in each particular country. If it’s still too small, you can click on the Click here symbol on the top right corner of each map. Go on – have a look around our maps!

2016 Journey Map (map coming soon!)

A new travelling year has begun! After kicking off 2016 with two months in Cambodia, followed by a couple of weeks in Singapore and a few days in Penang, Malaysia, and some time Thailand before heading back to the UK. We’re currently travelling through eastern Europe and plan to continue into Central Asia.

2015 Journey Map

We saw in the New Year in Chiang Mai and then spent over three weeks exploring Bangladesh. We returned briefly to the UK before visiting the Balkans and taking a trip through Montenegro, Kosovo, Macedonia and Albania before popping back to the UK via Corfu. We then spent eight weeks in Turkey followed by six weeks in Georgia and Armenia. Visits to Ukraine and Poland rounded off our European travels for the summer. Following a visit to the UK, we briefly visited Thailand before heading to Vietnam where we spent the last two months of the year in Vietnam before spending Christmas in Chiang Mai.

2014 Journey Map

2014 was a great year! We kicked off with three weeks in Cuba followed by three months in Central America, travelling from Panama to Belize via Costa Rica, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala and on to Mexico. Travels in Europe followed: through the Baltic States of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, on to Helsinki in Finland and then Norway. We then journeyed overland through Eastern Europe from Prague to Belgrade before spending a few weeks with family in France.  We then spent a bit of time in the UK before heading back to South East Asia where we spent three months in Bali, Indonesia and ended the year in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

2013 Journey Map

Travels through Vietnam, Singapore, India and Cambodia … 2013 got off to a great start for us. We then spent 4 months in Myanmar, living in Yangon, followed by 4 months in our “home from home”, Chiang Mai combined with extensive travels around northern Thailand. We ended the year in the UK for Christmas, the first time since we left in 2008.

2012 Journey Map

Return trips to Myanmar and China, exploration of Sri Lanka’s emerging tourist destinations and a foray into Central Asia were among our 2012 highlights.

2011 Journey Map

Our 2011 started in Colombia and finished up in Myanmar; with some pretty amazing places in between! You can see what we got up to here.

2010 Journey Map

2010 was a big year for us – after 3 months living in Siem Reap, Cambodia Kirsty quit her job and we hit the road on a journey that took us through north Asia and into South America.

2009 Journey Map

This was how our 2009 journey map looks. We spent the first half of the year living in Nepal, spend time in India and Chiang Mai and ended the year living in Cambodia.

2008 Journey Map

This is how our journey began in November 2008 – just enough time to settle into Kathmandu and take a trip to India for Christmas.

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