World Festivals & Celebrations

Stories and photographs from globals festivals and celebrations we have attended or witnessed on our travels

Travel Tips for Phuket Vegetarian Festival

Information and Advice for travellers visiting the Phuket Vegetarian FestivalAlso known as the Nine Emperor Gods Festival, the Phuket Vegetarian Festival is, without a doubt, one of the most bizarre festivals we have ever attended. Our previous post covered what you...

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Friday Flashback | Mongolian Eagle Dance

Welcome to the first post in a brand new series - Friday Flashback. The focus of Friday Flashback is a photograph from our past travels - it may be one taken over the past few months, possibly from a year or so ago or it may be a photo from deep in our travel...

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Celebrating the Full Moon of Kason in Yangon

There was a full moon on Friday and here in Burma that meant a public holiday. The full moon in May is known as the Full Moon of Kason (May in Burmese) and it is a particularly significant one as on this day Buddhists celebrate Buddha’s birth, enlightenment and...

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Kumbh Mela: India’s Greatest Festival

Kumbh Mela Allahabad - the Greatest Show on Earth!Rewind to late 2012: we were sitting around in Chiang Mai, drinking a couple of beers and having one of our many 'chats' on what to do and where to go next and, as it always does, India came up as a suggestion. So we...

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Adventures in Mongolia

05 July to 22 July 2010 As I write this, we are part way into the 31 hour train journey from Ulaan Bator to Beijing - plenty of time to reflect on our Mongolian experience.  It's been an interesting 3 weeks and I've really enjoyed what we've seen and done. Mongolia is...

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Bangkok & Chiang Mai: Tear Gas & Water Fights

11 to 14 April 2010 We had an interesting arrival into Bangkok early on the morning of 11th April ... The "Red Shirts" have been camping out in Bangkok for about a month now and up until this point everything had been peaceful, almost with a festival atmosphere but...

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Married to a Fruit?

Before I get any smart comments, some of you may say, yes I am!  But Mark aside, it's true: last night I went to celebrate a wedding party where the bride is 5 years old and the groom is a...

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Happy Holi from Nepal

Today everyone is celebrating the festival of Holi in Nepal.  The festival lasts about 3 days; tomorrow is the big day in India but in Nepal it's today.  Holi hails the arrival of Spring and of course worships several gods.  Its celebrated by people throwing coloured...

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Seeing in the New Year

Well it's a new year and a new start ... in that my main resolution is to attempt to keep an up to date diary / blog of what we're up to.  After a great stay in Calcutta, or Kolkata as we should now say, we flew back to Kathmandu on New Year's Eve.  If I get time to...

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