Twelve Instagram photographs from our first week in Bali

It’s been just over a week since we arrived in Bali and we’re settling comfortably back into life in Asia.

We haven’t really ventured too far from our backyard yet, and are simply enjoying being in one place after being on the move for most of this year. We had an amazing time – but now we need to slow it down for a while!

We have been exploring our new neighbourhood though and many of these Instagram pictures were taken on my daily walks by the beach. Our apartment is five minutes from the sea and Sanur, where we are, has a great paved walkway that stretches around five kilometres along the beach.

Until we get out and about around the island with the “big” camera, here are a few Instagram photos I’ve snapped on my iPhone that represent typical everyday scenes here in Bali.

Pavement-side Offerings
If there’s one thing that says “you’re in Bali” it has to be Canang Sari – traditional Balinese offerings. A small square basket woven from palm leaves is filled with flowers and foodstuffs like rice and sometimes cigarettes. They are part of the daily ritual for the Balinese and they are placed outside homes, offices and shops every morning and evening.  Their purpose is to please the gods and appease the demons and every day before dawn they are swept up and the pavement washed ready for fresh Canang Sari to be placed in the same spot.

Canang Sari | Instagram Bali Indonesia

Traditions and Religious
A continuation from the previous photograph really, but ritual, religion and culture are all very important and are intertwined with life in Bali. Balinese Hinduism has developed over the centuries and combines elements of traditional Hinduism and Buddhism. Shrines and statues of deities are everywhere – along the beach and by the side of the road. The photo below of fertility statues was just smack-bang in the middle of the pavement!

Instagram Bali Indonesia

Instagram Bali Indonesia

Frangipani flowers
Frangipani is one of my favourite flowers and although it is found all over South East Asia it seems particularly prolific in Bali. Frangipani trees are everywhere and the ground is often scattered with flowers that have dropped from its branches. Their beautiful scent hangs in the air and the flowers seem so delicate – most commonly the flowers have white petals with a yellow centre (like the one pictured in the mango picture below), but the tree in our backyard (pictured here) has gorgeous pink blossoms.

Frangipani | Instagram Bali Indonesia

The Beach
I could go crazy with the beach photos here but I’ll keep that for Instagram itself! As I mentioned, we’re in Sanur and about five minutes’ walk from the beach. I don’t think much more of an explanation is required here!

Sanur Beach | Instagram Bali Indonesia

Fishing Boats
Traditional Balinese fishing boats are called jukung and are essentially canoe-like boats with supports running either side of them. They are often brightly painted and those decorated in the classical style have a prow shaped like a marlin fish. There are lots of these boats along the Sanur coastline so expect lots more Instagrams of them!

Jukung fishing boats | Instagram Bali Indonesia

Jukung fishing boats | Instagram Bali Indonesia

Colour and Texture
Here are a couple of shots that don’t fit neatly into any of my other categories but are typical of our daily scene.

Sanur is a popular destination for tourists and with that comes shops selling what Mark would describe as “tat”. I tend to agree but I love the colour in these paintings which I spotted for sale at a stall alongside the beach.

Instagram Bali Indonesia

Another thing I am drawn to is the texture and detail that we are surrounded by – on wooden doors and stone carvings.

Instagram Bali Indonesia

What set of Instagram pics would be complete without the ubiquitous food shots?

First up … fresh mango! Mango has to be my favourite fruit and I could easily eat it three times a day. Luckily it’s cheap here in Bali with one good-sized mango costing around 30 pence (or 50 US cents). Here’s some I prepared for my breakfast and managed to Instagram before tucking in …

Mango | Instagram Bali Indonesia

Often for lunch we’ll head to a place that serves Masakan Padang (Padang food) – you choose your dishes from food in bowls and trays displayed in the window. Admittedly it’s not the most photogenic plate of food but it’s tasty, filling and cheap at around 80 pence (US$1.40) for a plate of rice, with a piece of beef, chicken or fish, a vegetable dish and a good dollop of chillies.

Masakan Padang food | Instagram Bali Indonesia

Again, you’d think there was something amiss if we didn’t post any beer shots wouldn’t you? Here is Mark enjoying a Bintang, Indonesia’s national tipple.

Bintang beer | Instagram Bali Indonesia

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