Before heading to Bangkok we had to opportunity to add another country to our list and visited Macau for a couple of days. I’d been curious ever since my working days when the Macau Tourist Board used to persistently insist it was a fantastic alternative to Hong Kong. Were they right? Well, it’s an OK place with a bit of history and a sprinkling of colonial style architecture but mostly it is how most people imagine it to be – one great big casino. But not even glitzy glam casinos just huge gambling halls full of Chinese and Hong Kong’ers and cheesy indoor shopping centres made to look like Venice. Sorry Macau Tourist Board but my vote still goes to Hong Kong.

MacauColonial Architecture in Macau

MacauOne of Macau’s many, busy casinos

I have a feeling we didn’t give the place much of a chance – we both had that “over China” feeling and were desperate to get back to Thailand, if only for the food. We were disappointed that Central Asia hadn’t as planned as I guess feeling a bit travel jaded. It happens. There’s always next time!


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