Off the Beaten Path

Whenever we can, we enjoy getting off the beaten path. It's possible in even the most popular destinations!

Abandoned Armenia – A Former Swimming Pool in Yerevan

I can’t provide many facts about this abandoned swimming pool in Yerevan. A Google search, even in Armenian, brings up nothing and we also asked around while we were in the city but nobody could shed any light on what period it is from and why it fell into...

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Abandoned Bosnia & Herzegovina: Motel Emos in Miljevina

On history and abandoned hotels in Bosnia... We had been driving south from Sarajevo for a few hours, admiring the stunning colours of a sunny Bosnian autumn day when we came across this abstract piece of architecture on the outskirts of Miljevina, a...

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Abandoned Taiwan: Yuanlin Hospital (員林醫院)

I’m good at finding stuff on the Internet (no comments please!) but I’m often rubbish at locating it on a map. Step up Kirsty; she’s brilliant at it. Apart from knowing which Taiwanese city this abandoned hospital was in, I’d all but given up on finding its exact...

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Where to break the journey between Tbilisi and Yerevan

Alternative places in Armenia to stop on the journey from Tbilisi and Yerevan If you are familiar with our style of travel, you’ll know we’re not big fans of long journeys on public transport and we’re especially not keen on overnight travel. We like going places by...

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Abandoned Estonia: Rummu Prison

Urban Exploration at an Underwater Abandoned Jail in Estonia The bulk of the now-abandoned Rummu prison is best seen from under the water. Funnily enough, we don’t carry diving gear with us on a road trip. In fact, neither of us can actually dive so we had to be...

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Abandoned Thailand: Unfinished Hotel in Ranong

Getting Off-the-Beaten-Path in Thailand If you arrive into the small border town of Ranong (*) by bus you won’t fail to miss this skeleton of a building that looms down over National Highway Route 4 linking Bangkok with the country’s deep south. (*) Ranong is a short...

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Abandoned Thailand: Railway Carriages in Chumphon

Getting Off-the-Beaten-Path in Thailand  There isn’t a lot to do in the southern Thai town of Chumphon. For travellers, it is predominately a transit town/jumping off point for the diving Mecca of Koh Tao.  We came across these disused railway cars while wandering...

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Fan-Shaped Train Garage in Changhua, Taiwan

I’m not sure what it is these days, but we seem to spend more and more of our time searching for vintage planes, trains and automobiles (there’s got to be a film in there somewhere!). We’ve seen brightly-coloured Soviet-era locomotives in Belarus, weird and wonderful...

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