We’re always a bit behind on writing up our journeys but stay tuned … Transnistria will feature here soon!

In the meantime, here are our recently published posts …

Former secret Soviet bunker in Līgatne, Latvia

Līgatne is situated in northwest Latvia, 25km from Sigulda and 29km from Cēsis. The local Tourist Information Centre lists quite a few reasons to come and visit their town and I’m sure they are all valid ones but our one inducement to visit Līgatne was to go on a...

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Hotel Goričina I

Hotel Goričina I in Kupari, Croatia. Completed in 1962 by architect David Finci. Now abandoned. Modernist, Socialist architecture in the former Yugoslavia.

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House of the Writers’ Union

House of the Writers' Union Location: Dushanbe, Tajikistan Completed: 1980s Architect: Erkin Salikhov  Genre: Modernist, Soviet architecture, former USSR Sometimes called the Founders of the Bulgarian State Monument, this gargantuan Cubist-style memorial is incredible...

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The Telephone Palace

The Telephone Palace in Cluj Napoca, Romania. Completed in 1968 by architect Vasile Mitrea. Brutalist, Socialist-era architecture in the former Easter Bloc.

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Street Art in Tbilisi, Georgia

Where to find Tbilisi's best street art and graffiti, including a location map This is going to be an unashamedly photo-based post featuring some of the street art and graffiti we’ve seen in Tbilisi. As with many former Soviet or Communist countries, Georgia’s...

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Ušće Tower

Ušće Tower in Belgrade, Serbia. Constructed between 1962 and 1964 and then renovated in 2005. Modernist, Socialist architecture in the former Yugoslavia.

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