Street Art in Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Street art hunting in Kaohsiung wasn’t really on my radar until a friend who was visiting the city kept sending me photos of all the fantastic art he was passing. He’s not particularly a fan of street art and didn’t go looking specifically for it, but the images he...

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Abandoned Taiwan: The Qianyue building in Taichung

Located in Taiwan’s second most populous city, Taichung, the Qianyue building (千越大樓) is one of the most astonishing abandoned places we have ever explored. The fact that this desperate-looking structure remains aloft in the heart of an area of the city which is...

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Goodbye Taiwan. Japan (71) Here I Come

Sorry, I promise this will be the last reference to the number of countries I have visited but it makes for a catchy title so I thought I would use it. Plus I am on a bit of a mission to get a few more countries under my belt and catch up with some certain friends of...

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Taiwan (70) is the magic number

For once I am not referring to the age that I am rapidly heading towards but in fact Taiwan and the fact that, at long last, I have finally visited my seventieth country. I say at ‘long last’ because for the past 2 years or so I have only visited countries that I have...

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