Republic Square

Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia

Constructed: 1961-1982

Chief architect: Edvard Ravnikar

Former name: Revolution Square

Genre: Brutalist, Socialist architecture, former Yugoslavia

Republic Square, which was originally called Revolution Square and renamed after Slovenia became independent in June 1991, is the largest square in Ljubljana. Work on the space began in 1961 but came to a standstill in 1964 due to a series of economic problems that blighted Yugoslavia around that time. Construction started again in 1966 and a number of notable buildings and monuments were erected on the square, including the TR2 and TR3 Towers, the Maxi Department Store, the Monument to the Revolution and the Monument to Edvard Kardelj. The final building to be completed was the Cankar Centre in 1982. For a number of years after Slovenian independence, the open space functioned as a parking lot but after a 2014 renovation project, the area was re-established as the city’s principal square.

Republic Square (formerly Revolution Square) in Ljubljana, Slovenia | Brutalist | Socialist architecture | former Yugoslavia

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