Radio and Television of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Location: Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina

Completed: 1983

Architects: Milan Kušan and Branko Bulić

Alternative name: BHRT

Genre: Brutalist, Socialist architecture, former Yugoslavia

Nicknamed “Sivi Dom” (the Grey House) by many Sarajevans, work started on the BHRT Building as early as 1975 but progress was slow. It was only when the city discovered it had won the bid for the ’84 Winter Olympics in 1978 that work on the project was ramped up. Completed in time for the Games, the facility was modified from its original blueprint and fitted with the most technologically advanced equipment available at the time. The television and radio station was then used as the main hub for both domestic and international media covering the event. During the Bosnian War (April 1992-December 1995), the building was both a vital source of broadcasts for those besieged in the city as well as a target for artillery strikes by Bosnian Serb forces.

Radio and Television of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BHRT) building Sarajevo Bosnia and Herzegovina-8-2

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