14 to 15 May 2009
You will by now all be waiting with bated breath for the next trek report from Mark.  It was a 3-weeker so get ready!  On Thursday morning I flew to Pokhara and spend the day doing hotel inspections.  It was a beautiful day when the plane came in – really clear skies and I got fantastic views of the Annapurna mountains including the iconic fishtail mountain which is an amazing sight to great you as you get off the plane.  It was a “big” aircraft today – 35 odd seats – compared to those horrible 15-seater Beechcrafts so I was happier.  I won’t bore you with the details of the hotels inspections and health and safety forms …

Bearded Trekkers Pokhara

The hairy trekkers

When I arrived at my hotel to check in later in the afternoon, coincidently the trekkers were arriving at the same time.  Originally they weren’t due back in Pokhara until the Friday (tomorrow in terms of this entry) but a couple of things on their schedule changed and so in the end timing was perfect.  Actually it would have been more perfect if they’d arrived an hour before me and had the opportunity to shower and change into clean clothes!  They’re looking fit and healthy, if not a little hairy.  inevitably the evening was spent lakeside with a few cold beers and a slap up meal.  Not that I was craving anything having not been living on dahl and rice or noodles for the past 3 weeks.

Friday morning was a relaxed start.  I had the day off which was really nice.  We spent a few hours by the swimming pool and then went into town to do a bit of shopping and for dinner.  There was a bit of rain today, so unfortunately the mountain views weren’t so clear.  Pokhara is much quieter and sleepier than Kathmandu and much less polluted and with its lakeshore it feels a bit like coming away to a holiday resort, so its been a nice, relaxing couple of days to catch up.  Back to Kathmandu soon though … and watch this space for the mammoth read coming soon …

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