Pietà (part of the Monument to the victims of January 13 1991), Antakalnis Cemetery

Location: Vilnius, Lithuania

Completed: 1995

Architects: Jūras Balkevičius, Marius Šaliamoras (architects) and Stanislovas Kuzma (sculptor)

Alternative name: Monument to the defenders of the Vilnius Television Tower

Genre: Post Soviet monument, former USSR

The post-Soviet monument remembers the 14 civilians killed, as well as the hundreds who were injured whilst protecting key buildings in Vilnius at the request of the newly elected, pro-democracy government during the early hours of 13th January 1991. The events were a result of Lithuania’s declaration of independence from the Soviet Union in March 1990 and the fatalities and injuries were caused by Soviet military action ordered directly by Moscow. More information about the Monument to the victims of January 13 1991.

Pietà (Monument to the defenders of the Vilnius Television Tower) (Antakalnis Cemetery) in Vilnius, Lithuania | Post Soviet monument | former USSR

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