Our Photography

Photography is an integral part of our travelling and you may notice that many of our posts have a strong focus on the pictures we take in a destination. It is something we both enjoy and we are constantly striving to improve our photography skills.

Our photo essays are amongst our most popular posts and we also feature our photography two regular series: Friday Flashback and Travel Shot of the day/week/month. These posts feature a photograph from our travels – it may have been taken over the past few months, possibly from a year or so ago or it could be a photo from deep in our travel archives. The photo will contain an image that evokes memories for us, and we will recall the story behind the picture. Many of the Friday Flashback posts also incorporate Mark’s ‘back in the day‘ stories from his travels 20-plus years ago and contain scanned photographs.

Our images form a boutique stock image library that is the result of over two decades experience in the travel industry combined with a passion for on-the-road photography. Our library contains high quality travel images from around the world with an extensive collection of photographs from Asia, embracing the Indian subcontinent through to the Asia-Pacific region. We also feature Europe, South and Central America and the Middle East. Our images are available for commercial or personal use. Please contact us for details.

The galleries below feature a mixture of what we consider to be our best images, alongside some of our favourites.