National Museum of History

Location: Tirana, Albania

Completed: 1981

Architects: Sokrat Mosko, Enver Faja, Nina Shehu, Petraq Kolevica. (architects), Vilson Kilica, Anastas Kostandini, Agim Nebiu, Justin Droboniku and Aleksander Filipi (artists)

Genre: Modernist, Communist artwork, former Eastern Bloc

The large mosaic above the entrance to the museum is titled ‘The Albanians’. The artwork covers 400 m² and portrays Albanians through history fighting off invaders and occupiers. There are thirteen figures in total. On the left, Albanian warriors defend against early invaders from the Roman and Ottoman Empires, respectively. Also seen in this section of the mosaic, in the suit and holding a piece of paper, is Ismail Qemali, the Founding Father of modern Albanian. The scene on the right depicts resistance fighters from the National Liberation Movement opposing Italian and then German fascism during World War II. In the centre, a male and female worker stand defiant alongside a victorious partisan.

National Museum of History in Tirana, Albania | Modernist | Communist artwork | former Eastern Bloc

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