Monument to Serghei Lazo

Location: Chisinau, Moldova

Completed: 1982

Architects: E. Kutyrev (architect), E. Zibrov, V. Dubrovin and B. Dyuzhev (sculptors)

Genre: Soviet monument, former USSR

Serghei Lazo (1894-1920) was a nobleman and officer in the Imperial Russian Army who later became a Bolshevik leader and took part in the October 1917 Revolution. He was active in the Russian Far East, where he commanded several partisan missions in Siberia and also took part in the successful Bolshevik attack on the city of Vladivostok in January 1920. However, a couple of months later, Lazo and some of his comrades were captured by Japanese troops and it is believed they were executed shortly afterwards, either by the Japanese themselves or by anti-communist White Army Cossacks. Serghei Lazo was born in Piatra, a village in the Orhei district of Moldova and, as well as this monument to him, there are a number of streets in Chisinau that are named in his honour.

Monument to Serghei Lazo in Chisinau, Moldova | Soviet monument | former USSR

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