Mojmilo Olympic Village

Location: Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina

Completed: 1983

Architect: Milan Medić

Genre: Modernist, Socialist architecture, former Yugoslavia

Mojmilo Olympic Village, in the Sarajevo suburb of Dobrinja was purpose-built to accommodate athletes, trainers, journalists and others involved with the 1984 Winter Olympics. As well as accommodation, the complex included other facilities such as shops, a leisure centre and a large self-service restaurant. A number of sports facilities were also assembled nearby. It was always intended that the village would become a residential district after the Olympic participants had left, although the units were generally occupied by better-off Sarajevans and overseas students.

Dobrinja was the most bombed neighbourhood in the city during the Siege of Sarajevo (part of the Bosnian War (April 1992-December 1995)) and most of it, including the former Olympic village, was badly damaged as a result. In the mid-1990s, it was rebuilt with the assistance of foreign money. The major benefactor was the municipal government of Barcelona and a memorial commemorating this can be seen near the pedestrianised part of the estate.

Mojmilo Olympic Village Sarajevo Bosnia and Herzegovina 10

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