Twelve Doors and Doorways Around the World

A Photo Essay featuring Doors and Doorways from Around the World We like doors and doorways, they are easy to photograph, they don’t move out of your shot unexpectedly, they are happy to pose for as long as it takes and they don't ask for any money after you have...

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How to spend a few days in Vilnius | Lithuania

What to do on a short break to Vilnius, Lithuania After Riga in Latvia, Vilnius was the city we enjoyed the most in the Baltic States. With the largest baroque Old Town in Europe and some interesting excursions within easy reach of the city, there was more than enough...

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2014 in Photographs

It’s not in my nature to use words like awesome or epic but looking back at our 2014, less-enthusiastic words just don't do our travelling year justice. Hammerfest, Norway June 2014 Twenty-six countries across three continents, it’s certainly going down as the year we...

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