Waving goodbye to our families (Mum, Dad, Sonya, Ben, Carol and Ella) and friends (Andy and Trasna) it all seems slightly surreal. I fly out of Heathrow several times a year on work or holiday and there’s not normally anyone there to wave me off or bid me farewell other than the immigration officer. So, although in many respects, this departure felt just like many others previously, it was also very different. Following a few tears and lingering waves we were air-side. Emotions are mixed but in what type of cocktail I’m not sure. But this is it; our next big ‘adventure’ – we’re moving to Nepal, to Kathmandu, to live and work. I will be continuing my job for Bales as Asia Product Manager and Mark will take up a consultancy project for a trekking company.

So, welcome to our blog – Kathmandu & Beyond. This is our attempt to keep family, friends and anyone else who may be interested, up to date with our life, travels, adventures, photographs and experiences and we hope you enjoy reading it.


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