Georgia is currently one of the hottest travel destinations! It’s on all of the ‘best places to visit in 2019’ lists and we know why! Sandwiched between the Caucasus Mountains to the north, the Black Sea to the west and deserts to the south, Georgia is literally at the crossroads between Europe and Asia. Once part of the USSR, Georgia borders Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Russia, this Caucasus nation is a melting pot of cultures with spectacular landscapes, hospitable people and delicious food. It’s also backpacker-budget friendly and has plenty of options for adventurous and off-the-beaten-path travel.

Twelve More Forts and Castles from Around the World

A photo essay featuring twelve more forts, castles and palaces that we have explored on our travels As a continuation of our first Forts and Castles post, here are some more fortresses that we have discovered on our travels.   Gjirokastra Castle, Albania...

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Travel Shot | Ali and Nino in Batumi | Georgia

We didn't have high expectations of Batumi and weren’t expecting too much of Georgia’s summer holiday hotspot and riviera of the Caucasus, on the Black Sea coast. However, it exceeded our expectations. I’ve got the Batumi on my list of places to write more about and...

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Travel Shot | Ushguli Village in Upper Svaneti, Georgia

Landlocked, in the heart of the ancient Georgian province of Svaneti, Ushguli is one of the most stunning villages we have ever laid eyes on. The photo doesn't do the setting justice, but with more than twenty defensive stone towers dotting the landscape and...

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Socialist-era architecture in the Caucasus

Tracking down the last of the remaining Stalinist-style buildings and monuments left in Armenia, Georgia and Nagorno-Karabakh Since our first visit to Eastern Europe in the Spring and Summer of 2014 I have become mildly obsessed with trying to find Socialist era...

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The Lada – Cleansing my demons in the Caucasus

A light-hearted look at Ladas in the Caucasus, their history and how they played a part in my teenage years Lada on a housing estate in Shushi, Nagorno-Karabakh Republic I don’t really have an obsession with cars. Alloy wheels, chrome by the tonnage and supercars such...

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2015: A Review of our Travelling Year in Photographs

A Review of 2015: Our Year of Travel in Photographs When it comes to travel, 2015 was another fantastic year for us, once more packed full of superlatives. In November we celebrated a milestone: our seven-year travelversary. Yes, it really has been seven years since...

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