What to do in Ostrava, a Quirky town in the Czech Republic

The off-the-beaten-path Czech city we nearly wrote off … We almost gave up on the Czech Republic’s third largest city, Ostrava. We had arrived from Poland on a Sunday morning - the weather was awful and the place was deserted. It wasn't a good start and reminded me of...

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2016 Travel Review in Photographs

Here we go again with a roundup of where our 2016 travels took us, featuring a lot of wanderlusty photographs. Is it really a year since our last annual travel review?! At the start of every year we catch ourselves saying “we’re going to really slow it down this...

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Travel Shot | The Prague Baby Tower

We came to know it as ‘the Prague baby tower’ but the Žižkov Television Tower is definitely one of Prague’s more unusual tourist attractions. It’s located in one of the city’s residential areas and many visitors don’t know that it even exists. We were staying with...

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2014 in Photographs

It’s not in my nature to use words like awesome or epic but looking back at our 2014, less-enthusiastic words just don't do our travelling year justice. Hammerfest, Norway June 2014 Twenty-six countries across three continents, it’s certainly going down as the year we...

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