06 to 10 December 2010
So after several weeks of cold and windy weather, we were looking forward to getting to Argentina’s capital, Buenos Aires and peeling off some layers.  We had made the long journey down, across, down, across etc from Santiago, the capital of Chile which is parallel to BA on the opposite coast by bus so felt we justly deserved a flight back up. As the crow flies Santiago to Ushuaia (the end of the world) is 2400 km or 1500 miles so with all our zigzagging we would have added a few more on top on that. One day I’ll work it out exactly!


Buenos Aires is an attractive, laid-back city with a real mix of European and South American influences.  We stayed in the San Telmo neighbourhood of the city which is historic, colonial part and also well-known for its street Tango performances and bohemian atmosphere. It was a really cool place to be with lots of traditional streets with old colonial style building and little pavement cafes and lively plazas. Another interesting part of the city is La Boca, another historic area where the first settlers are believed to have been Italian. It’s famous for its brightly painted buildings, more street Tango and also as the home of one of Argentina’s best-known football teams, Boca Junior. So, just a short blog time with a few photos, but all in all, a relaxing few days in BA.

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