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Photography features heavily in our travels and in documenting our journey. Here are some of our favourite photo essays and some in which travel photography features heavily. Also Travel Shots, our equivalent of photo of the day.

Cosplay Girls in the Taiwanese city of Tainan

Plus, a short history of cosplay and how one of the greatest movies of all time got its name … There’s a blood-red shrine in Tainan dedicated to the great Ming-era general, Koxinga. At weekends it becomes a meeting place for DSLR-wielding photographers. Their subject...

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Fan-Shaped Train Garage in Changhua, Taiwan

I’m not sure what it is these days, but we seem to spend more and more of our time searching for vintage planes, trains and automobiles (there’s got to be a film in there somewhere!). We’ve seen brightly-coloured Soviet-era locomotives in Belarus, weird and wonderful...

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Travel Shot: Djemaa El-Fna in Marrakesh, Morocco

This is the ‘catching a bottle of pop with a fishing rod’ game. The tall guy in the shorts to the left of the photo is a pro - he gets a bottle every time and is there to demonstrate that the task in hand is easy. The other people are punters and during the 15 minutes...

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Soviet ‘street art’ in the Ukrainian city of Zhytomyr

Deciphering the history behind Soviet-era plaques This wasn’t supposed to be a long post. Kirsty and I saw these Soviet-era symbols on the side of the PJSC Ukrtelecom (Ukrainian National Telecommunications Operator) building while wandering around Zhytomyr. We liked...

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Window Shutters in George Town, Penang | Malaysia

A Collection of Weathered Window Shutters spotted in Penang’s vibrant George Town Someone once told me to always remember to look up when walking around a city. It’s a good bit of advice, which has stuck for as long as I can remember. The likelihood of getting a stiff...

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Travel Shot: Black Dragon Pool in Lijiang, China

Classic China! Black Dragon Pool is one of Lijiang’s (and Yunnan's) most dramatic sites but it does get very busy with other tourists. To avoid the crowds as much as possible, late afternoon is the best time to visit, plus you have the added bonus of having the sun...

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St. Paul’s Pro-Cathedral in Valletta, Malta

Believe it or not, getting to view Valletta's St. Paul's Pro-Cathedral from within the city itself is a seriously tricky affair. It simply disappears from sight among the maze of backstreets and side alleys. But all is not lost - if you jump on the ferry to Sliema and...

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Visiting Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca, Morocco

This is the huge Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca. Some say it is the third largest mosque in the world, others say more like the fifth. Its minaret is the world’s tallest at 210m so it can claim that record at least. At a rumoured cost of 800 million US dollars to...

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In Photos: The Roman City of Leptis Magna in Libya

Every now and then I look through some of our old photos and consider if I can do anything with them in order to make them presentable and worthy of a post on our blog. I have visited Libya twice, both times were during the reign/dictatorship of Colonel Gaddafi and...

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Alternative Kiev: the State Aviation Museum

Exploring off the beaten track Kiev: A trip to the Aeroplane Museum Even if you’re not into aircraft and all other things aeronautical, the State Aviation Museum is a brilliant place to spend a couple of hours if you are in the Ukrainian capital and looking for...

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