Off the Beaten Path

Whenever we can, we enjoy getting off the beaten path. It's possible in even the most popular destinations!

Fan-Shaped Train Garage in Changhua, Taiwan

I’m not sure what it is these days, but we seem to spend more and more of our time searching for vintage planes, trains and automobiles (there’s got to be a film in there somewhere!). We’ve seen brightly-coloured Soviet-era locomotives in Belarus, weird and wonderful...

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Things we learned after three weeks travelling around Taiwan

The island of Taiwan, officially the Republic of China (ROC), is one of our happy places. As countries go, it’s pretty much the ideal destination for both of us: it’s small and easy to get around, yet extremely diverse and packed with things to see and do. The people...

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Abandoned Taiwan: The Old Liu Family Mansion at Minxiong

The Old Liu Family Mansion (劉家古宅民雄鬼屋), commonly known as Minxiong Ghost House, is one of the most famous haunted locations in Taiwan. It is situated in the countryside near Chiayi, a provisional city in the southwest of the country. Built with three storeys, it would...

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Abandoned Taiwan: The Futuro Village at Wanli

Warning: photo-heavy blog post alert! Most visitors head to the coastal district of Wanli in northeast Taiwan because they want to see the otherworldly rock formations that form Yehliu Geopark. It’s one of Taiwan’s top attractions and looks great in photos but, we...

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Abandoned Taiwan: The Qianyue building in Taichung

Located in Taiwan’s second most populous city, Taichung, the Qianyue building (千越大樓) is one of the most astonishing abandoned places we have ever explored. The fact that this desperate-looking structure remains aloft in the heart of an area of the city which is...

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East of the Dnipro River – Kharkiv

I could have been more sensational with the title for this series of posts on our travels in the eastern part of Ukraine. Travelling in war-torn Eastern Ukraine, What is it like to travel in Eastern Ukraine? or Is it safe to travel in Eastern Ukraine? would have made...

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Abandoned Thailand: Space Roller in Chiang Mai

Getting off-the-beaten-path in Thailand  Space Roller is a forsaken roller-skating rink a short distance from Chiang Mai’s main Arcade Bus Station. The entrance to the building is a little set back from the main road and, apart from a large Space Roller sign (that is...

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Abandoned Cambodia: Former Military Housing in Kompong Chhnang

Getting off-the-beaten-path in Cambodia From what we gleaned from the tourist board in Kompong Chhnang, this abandoned housing block dates back to French colonial-era (1863-1953, although I’m fairly certain this particular building was constructed in the latter years...

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