Off the Beaten Path

Whenever we can, we enjoy getting off the beaten path. It's possible in even the most popular destinations!

Kamyanets-Podilsky – Ukraine’s Hidden Gem

The medieval town in Central Ukraine that’s missing only one thing - tourists… I don’t believe in sticking up a load of photos, accompanied by the minimum of text and telling the reader that they must go to such and such a place simply because it’s awesome and I’m...

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Where to break the journey between Kiev and Odessa in Ukraine

Uman, Vinnytsia (Vinnytsya) and Zhytomyr - three cities worth considering if you have time and want to see more of central Ukraine It’s easy to travel directly between Ukraine’s capital and the Black Sea city of Odessa. In a private car, the 474km distance can be...

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Visiting Bangkok’s Airplane Graveyard

Urban Exploration and Abandoned Aircraft at Bangkok’s airplane graveyard: one of the Big Mango’s most unique attractions What is the Airplane Graveyard? Named after King Ram Khamhaeng, the 13th-century ruler of ancient Sukhothai (the forerunner to modern day...

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The Incredible Hill of Crosses near Šiauliai in Lithuania

The Hill of Crosses is a place of national pilgrimage for Lithuanians. Located about 12km north of the city of Šiauliai, the reason why people started leaving crosses on this small hill is not known but it is believed that the practice dates back to the November...

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In pictures: Twelve places you should visit in Eastern Turkey

Stunning Photographs that will make you want to visit Eastern Turkey Eastern Turkey is an underrated destination that never seems to have any luck when it comes to increasing the number of overseas tourists. Plagued by internal conflict between the Turkish Government...

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Playing Cat and Mouse in Agdam, Nagorno-Karabakh

A city destroyed: Visiting Agdam, Nagorno-Karabakh Where and what is Agdam ghost town? Officially, Agdam is a deserted city in Southern Azerbaijan but the answer is not as quite as simple as that. It is also a deserted city in Nagorno-Karabakh (NKR), a small republic...

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Five Places in Northern Thailand Not to Miss

Five places in north-east and northern Thailand (that aren't Chiang Mai or Pai) that you really should make the effort to visit Want to get away from Thailand’s tourist hotspots? Here are five towns in the north and northeast of Thailand that we have visited and...

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Crossing the Sirikit Dam by local ferry in Northern Thailand

Travelling from Nan to Uttaradit via Pak Nai Fisherman’s village and the Sirikit Reservoir Sometimes on our travels we decide to go with a wild card: a hunch that something or somewhere may just be worth seeing. It’s a bit of a gamble and sometimes we lose. On other...

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Trebinje: Bosnia and Herzegovina’s best kept secret

Trebinje: Bosnia and Herzegovina Off the Beaten Path Everybody has heard of Dubrovnik, the stunning but impossibly overcrowded Croatian city on the Adriatic Sea, and quite a few people will know about Mostar, the most important cultural city in the Herzegovina region...

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Travel Shot | Wat Phra Dhat Phasornkaew | Thailand

We were driving in a self-drive rental car along a section of road the Thailand tourist board promotes as the ‘Green Route’; a busy stretch of Highway 12 that runs from Khon Kaen to Phitsanulok. We were wondering just what exactly was “green” about the journey, which...

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